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Coconut Oil – “If You Don’t Know, Now Ya Know”


Please tell me you’re using coconut oil!  Ok good.  Phew.  Because if not I was going to have to give you a very concerned look and question your sanity.

Coconut oil is wonderful.  Fantastic.  One of those things you would put on your “stranded on a desert island” take-a-long list.  Although if you’re lucky the island would have coconuts and, well, you get the idea.


There are literally hundreds of uses for this stuff.  I currently use it for daily face/body moisturizer (claims to stave off wrinkles and offers minor sun protection, whaaaat?), hair conditioning treatment (see pictures), make-up remover, cooking, baking, and oil pulling in the morning.

Before Coconut Oil Treatment (my ends were getting dry and had that crunchy, sticky feeling).


After Coconut Oil Treatment (take a tablespoon or so of coconut oil and rub it onto the bottom half of your hair, leave for 30 mins-over night then wash regularly).  As you can see the last 1/2 of my hair is completely restored, brought back to life!  I don’t use traditional shampoo and conditioner so this treatment every couple weeks really helps to bring back that silky feeling.

This photo was taken after leaving coconut oil in my hair for about 3 hours, washing it with organic shampoo, no conditioner, and air drying.


Bonus Links:

Here’s a delicious recipe for a ice cream/cupcake “Magic Shell” topping using coconut oil:


Here is site with an extensive list of coconut oil uses:


So the conclusion would have to be….go buy yourself a jar of this perfection and then figure out all the ways you’ll be putting it to work!

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